Monday, August 30, 2010


The Common Sheep (Ovis laneus) is an animal known to every household. A pestilent creature, it feeds relentlessly on mankind's precious grasses and leaves behind its useless waste product, "wool." The sheep has thus plagued humanity for millennia, with possible references to the animal turning up even in ancient Mesopotamian documents.

Little can be done to stop the scourge of the Common Sheep, even in modern industrialized countries. Attempts, in the form of pens and fences, have been made to stem the rising tide of destruction. Edutainment films (such as "A Close Shave," by anti-sheep crusader Nick Park of Aardman Animations) have helped to raise public awareness and keep spirits high in the face of the ovine emergency. Nevertheless, the future of humanity in the face of the sheep epidemic has yet to be determined; if nothing else, the disposal of thousands of pounds of useless "wool" annually throws many governments into a state of crisis.

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